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"Oh, for the love of the internet" blog

This was a design that I did for a short-lived WordPress blog project of mine for curating stylish websites.
Oh, for the love of the internet layout. design 1 is now a blog, but the original site was a php, mysql, and ajax site that let parents review and save places to do things as a family. The design was intentionally simple. This was the first design iteration.
Kiddogogo Review page

Kiddogogo final design

The design was simplified even further to only include color for the site banner and the reviews. The large font size and average review made it easy for a user to quickly identify whether a place got good or bad reviews by the community.
Kiddogogo Final Review Page

This is the design for the Rayovac website that I put together for them while at Clotho Advanced Media. Flash could be used for more than streaming videos at the time. Not very SEO friendly though. category navigation rollover

Navigation would fan out from the main categories when a user rolled over the links. category navigation rollover

Rayovac subcategory navigation rollover

Users could then select the subcategory from the choices that fanned out from the parent category. home page

Brewery Creek

Brewery Creek is a small brew pub and bed and breakfast. I know. It's pretty awesome. They needed a web site that they could manage themselves. Drupal and Joomla were both really new. I created a homegrown php CMS that let them manage their properties, menu and image gallery. The background is inspired by the antique wallpaper of the bed and breakfast and repeats brewing hops to make the pattern.
Brewery Creek Home Page

Brewery Creek interior page

Brewery Creek interior page

Brewery Creek newsletter

The owners email the menu and specials each week to subscribers. The email reflects their online presence.
Brewery Creek newsletter

Sky Ride

This is a pic from the Dane County Fair with my Holga.
Sky Ride

Wisconsin Wedding

Julie and I went to a wedding in Dodgeville, WI. I had my Holga along and snapped this pic. It was published in Lomography's "Holga: The World through a Plastic Lens" book.
Julie in Dodgeville